Scarcity of Conditions

The scarcity of conditions are limited to your reality of existing working orders

We must as a people act and connect

     to displace the fallacies and imagine our worlds unlimiting

      so let us start by filling the voids with love, with patience and        perseverance 

Filter Split and Build (All Is Vain)

Worth is love in this time

It seems not to know its meaning (it’s intent)

The sands spill recording your thoughts which are all vain

Creating frustration for the thorns to grow and choke em out

Tattoo the scars of time

Paint your disgust

psyche of pain

hide your intent

hide your love

All is vain

Importance is love; in this generation

Seams unravel in its definition (it’s want)

Filter, split and build

Play back the skipping needles

Scar the tattoos Love;

show your truth

the pain of something real

which you love

In the Silence

Shattered specs of light fill my empty tomb

waiting for the darkness to fall

what shall you say

in the fear

in the corner

in the silence

Broken specs of silence fill the void

wanting to fall

what shall you see

in Love

in the corner

in the silence

now it is continuous


kneeling in the corner

holding its candle to the wind

in the silence

Let Us Sleep

What madness drove us here?

Our insomnia is sleeping now

withered by our schizophrenic tendencies and our frail attempts to love



Wrecked, it has left scars that won’t ever heal

But they are mine

It is the only possession they cannot take away (the only ones I will ever take)

Let us recall the madness

Rememberance, shattered specs of light

funneled through tears

rest in it’s mirrored room

Let us sleep and sing poems at our wake

Now they call us rebels

Sundered dusky tuber; radicels

Severed vein; bled dispositioning arid planes

But you are my beloved sister

Begetted by that ignorant bastard Onate, who raped our mother

Destitutes of unjust circumstance,


Compass sown in our ravaged hearts with progenitor thread

They label us insurgents

Pray for our wounded sister

She is besieged

Confounded by parasites with dusted apertures and diamond crusted indexes,

sucking her dry

Now they call us rebels

Equipped with the truth, wanting justice!!!

Indigent paved streets

Deranged crimson mapped stuffed minds, riding on malnourished weary asses

Now call me an intrepid rebel

Apteryx’s Vengeance

Ignorance tumbles in the night

Conjointly with those we call “los muertos”

Beasts roam our dimmed out streets, savaging the innocent and lost

Thieves linger with their wounded captured apteryxes (those you call whores)

Vengeance belongs to you precious kiwis

feathered ones whose chirps and sonatas have been muted

Your weeping eyes have condemned the wicked as they bath in your scarlet river

You’ll never know

i will visit you in a dream

i’ll be the black bird lulling your sunken eyes to sleep;

i will call you in a sleep

i’ll be the black bird lifting your sunken ship when u wake,

i’m going to come home tomorrow when ur gone, im gonna leave the note on the porch just so the wind can blow it away,

you’ll never know how, when or why and we’ll both be left alone to cry

A Modern Love Poem

Magdalena said, she would lick my wounds if it was okay that she got raped when she was young; as long as I still loved her

I said, “woman you know I love you no matter what your daddy did and after all, it is none of my business But, I do own a gun you know!”

Magdalena said, “C’mon chulo, let’s go home make love underneath the moonlight and you can shoot my Pa if you want”

I said, “sshhh “He’s already dead;  we will let him live and let his pain do the killing for us

” She asked, “who cut you?  and was it a knife that did that slice”

I said, “woman you healed my wounds and I cut myself yesterday thinking you were going to leave me”

“and yes that is a cut made by a very sharp knife that i fashioned out of pain

you see I’ve learned my lessons

and now, well have to teach each other how to          forgive”  

Magdalena smiled and gave me a kiss that left me bleeding for more

If love and your touch is like this then let me die forever more


Ascend our sun; brilliant shining gaze; Into my little window

Rise and conduct our conspicuous symphony; chorus of that which seems intangible

Nourish our maíz, el pozole que nos da nuestro prudencia

Contestame con la lengua de mis padres; Lavame el vidrio

Inflame my dreams, feed my soul as I emaciate and rot in the shadows of this world

Illusions wither and reflect all of your colours into a stoical night when you fall